“My idea of a better school involves a setup where teachers and parents work as a team for the best interest of the child.”

The idea of schools has changed drastically over a period. From chalkboards to smart boards, from slates to notepads, from open air classrooms to the curtained air-conditioned ones- there has been a huge evolution in the concept of schools. Along with the infrastructural changes, the concept of teacher-child relationship, the medium to pass knowledge, the use of language, etc. all have changed.

Being a visionary and a president, my vision of the school involves a system that is healthy, less complicated and fully focussed in providing the best to the kids.

 I hope for a school that is fully equipped to promote all-round development in children- be it physical, social, intellectual, emotional, etc. Along with digital classrooms and updated technology, the schools should have open play ground, safe and independent learning spaces for the students

Wishing all a great success!

Sh. Ashok Jain