Registration/Admission Rules

  1. Before seeking admission for the ward in the school, the guardian is expected to go through the various rules given in the school Prospectus.
  2. Parents seeking admission for their ward must register the same in advance.
  3. Minimum age for registration to nursery class is 3 years. Registration does not guarantee admission.
  4. Since the number  of  students  in each class is  limited, selection will be made strictly on conduct and merit & taken in same order. Registration for admission begins on from January every year.
  5. Students coming from other institutions are required to appear in a Entrance test. They have to secure at least 60% marks for admission. Students will be given admission in those classes as found suitable by the Principal.
  6. Students who join the school at any time of a current academic year will have to pay the complete fee and the other charges of that academic year  even if they join late.