School Fee Rules

  1. Fee must be paid within 10 days, after the fee slip has been allotted to your ward.
  2. Rs.10/- will be charged per day after the due date mentioned on the fee slip.
  3. Charges are subject to change from time to time.
  4. Fee will be collected in Union Bank of India, Shahkot (Branch)  during working hours.
  5. The fee and other charges shall be charged for two months in advance. The parents must collect the receipt from the bank after making any payment. The fee of three months i.e. January, February & March is collected in the month of January.
  6. The name of the student shall be struck off due to non-payment of fee and other charges. The students will not be able to sit in the exam. The parents shall be responsible for the loss caused to their ward.
  7. The parents are required to produce the receipt as a proof for the payment of the fee on demand.
  8. The charges of any activities/facilities availed by the students shall be taken for full. No withdrawal is allowed during the session.